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3 Reasons to Invest in a Pollo Campero Franchise

A truly unique chicken franchise is ready to rapidly expand in the United States

Pollo Campero is actively franchising in the United States. After proving that the business model works in the U.S. over the last 18 years, Pollo Campero is now opening its doors to entrepreneurs who are passionate about sharing our food with their communities.

“We’ve spent the last two decades proving our business model in the United States,” says Luis Javier Rodas, Managing Director and COO of Pollo Campero. “In Guatemala and El Savador, there’s no one that even competes with us, not even McDonald’s, but the United States is different – there’s a lot of big brands here. What makes us special is the fact that we don’t look at what other brands are doing, we’re going to grow by staying true to our roots and keeping our essence. The opportunity is tremendous. Our goal is to have 150 locations over the next three years. We’re not in a rush – we’re going to grow smart, keeping true to our vision and our strategy and by franchising with the right entrepreneurs. In time, there will be 1,000 Pollo Campero locations across the United States.”
Here are three reasons why you should invest with Pollo Campero

Chicken is booming, and there is no chicken quite like Pollo Campero

The $34 billion chicken QSR industry is rapidly outpacing the rest of the QSR segment, and this trend isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. While other brands in the chicken QSR space offer similar takes on American fried chicken, Pollo Campero stands out with our bold, Latin flavor profile. This is an enormous differentiation point, as America is becoming more and more diverse, and are hungry for international flavors and new experiences. The fact that the majority of Pollo Campero’s customers are from the crossover market is proof that our brand appeals to everyone of any cultural background.

Four years of same-store sales growth

After 18 years of operating Pollo Campero restaurants in the United States, we’ve got our business model down to a science. Not only are our restaurants designed to be operationally efficient and maximize profitability, but also we crosstrain so that they can be able to take care of guests. Our menu is also designed to maximize profitability, as unlike other chicken QSR concepts who go after individual diners, Pollo Campero is popular with entire families. This is why our average tickets are much higher than the industry average, and is one of the reasons we have seen four years of same store sales growth.

“The Pollo Campero platform is one designed for growth and replicability,” says Fernando Palarea, Director of Sourcing & Supply Chain with Pollo Campero. “When entrepreneurs see the flow of our restaurants, they see that we have flexibility in our labor, technology that allows us to deploy and allocate labor to certain areas, and most importantly, focus on the guests during peak times. Our business model has been the key to our success, and most franchisees that have opened a Pollo Campero are ready to open another one.”

We provide outstanding franchise support

We realize that you may have zero experience in the restaurant industry prior to franchising with us – and that’s okay. We’ve spent the last 18 years designing a comprehensive support platform to help you thrive in business.

This is how we’ll support you:

  • Ongoing training, coaching and business development
  • Personalized consulting to help you improve operations
  • Real-estate support, including site selection and build out
  • Marketing support
  • Research & development
  • Supply chain support to help keep food costs as low as possible
  • And more!

Are You Ready to Open a Pollo Campero franchise in Your Community?

Take the first step by filling out an inquiry form on this site and a member of our team will reach out to you to begin a conversation. We can’t wait to see if your dreams can be realized by owning a Pollo Campero franchise!