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How Do We Support You?

Pollo Campero provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you thrive in business

When you join the Pollo Campero franchise family, you’re joining a brand that has your back. You don’t need to have prior business ownership experience, and you certainly don’t need to know how to make fried chicken to thrive with Pollo Campero, as we have developed a comprehensive training and support platform based on decades of experience in opening hundreds of locations around the world.

It’s for this reason that we’ve created an entire support center dedicated to the ongoing success of our franchise owners. As a brand, we’re focused on helping our franchise owners thrive because we know from experience that when our franchise owners are successful, the entire brand is successful.

Speed of Service

Pollo Campero is constantly improving the speed of service

“In 2020, due to the impact of the pandemic, the average drive-thru speed of service in the restaurant industry was 20 seconds longer than the 2019 average. Despite this industry trend, Pollo Campero kept an extraordinary standard of 180 seconds per car. The secret behind this is our disciplined focus on the production process, times-motion efficiencies, and operational metrics. Our existing prototype cuts nearly 40% of wasted motion, adds cutting-edge technology to its equipment package, and boosts productivity by 20%. We are planning to grow aggressively starting in 2021 with significant innovations to our current prototype to support the “new normal” operating environment. Using the secret ingredient of Pollo Campero’s culture – “the willingness to embrace new ideas,” this new prototype will assure customer satisfaction and a better service speed”, Fernando Perez, Sr. Director of Operations.

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Pollo Campero knows that the majority of entrepreneurs aren’t marketing experts – and you don’t have to be. We have an entire team devoted to helping you implement cutting-edge marketing strategies that are designed to win over your local community and grow brand awareness at the same time.

“Brand awareness is something that we put an enormous amount of resources behind,” says Federico Valiente, Director of Marketing with Pollo Campero. “How do we spread the word about Pollo Campero in the U.S.? We use a blend of digital and traditional media to create plans that are tailored specifically in every single trade area. Every area is different, and the areas that we’re in are diverse, so it’s important that we develop highly specific strategies that appeal to the local markets that we serve. When a new franchise owner opens a new restaurant, we always have a complete understanding of who lives in that trade area. We develop marketing strategies that are highly specific to that area to get that trade area’s attention. We invite local dignitaries to a V.I.P. party to attract attention, and because we want to appeal to families, we focus a lot of our marketing on making sure that they know that we’re there for them.”

Real-estate & site selection

Location, location, location. For a new restaurant, this old adage remains one of the most essential factors in determining whether a restaurant will be successful.

Because of this, we don’t mess around when it comes to real-estate and site selection. Our team will help you during the site selection process in your trade area, and will help you oversee the buildout and construction all the way through your grand opening event.

Training & ongoing support

When you visit Pollo Campero’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas for your training session, you will be getting access to the brightest minds in the booming chicken industry. Our staff will guide you through implementing a marketing strategy and teach you valuable leadership skills to ensure that you can create a culture of trust, accountability, and growth in your restaurants.

You also will work in an open restaurant, learning the ins and outs of our business model, including how to correctly prepare and serve our food, how to deliver an exceptional customer experience, how to lead a team, how to take inventory, and much more. By the time you leave, you’ll be ready to open your new restaurant with confidence. But you won’t be alone. Every franchise owner gets to work with a Franchise Business Consultant, who regularly visits your restaurant and meets with you to ensure that you’re following our business model and are meeting your goals.

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