Pollo Campero Franchise Owners | What Are the Qualifications?

What are the Qualifications to Own a Pollo Campero?

The fast-growing chicken franchise is actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs to bring Pollo Campero to new markets

Joining Pollo Campero means you’re getting a second family. Because we’re strategic in our growth goals, we also are strategic in whom we bring on as franchise owners. We want to grow with people who are passionate about our brand, our food, and their community, as well as have the leadership skills and business acumen to run and own thriving restaurants. We can teach you how to run a Pollo Campero franchise, but we cannot teach you how to be driven, goal-oriented, and passionate. If you have these qualities, we want to talk to you.

These are our requirements to invest in Pollo Campero

The qualifications to franchise with Pollo Campero are based on three major factors: 1) you have to be financially qualified, 2) you need to be a good cultural fit, and 3) you need to have the drive to follow our proven business model and share the joy of our exceptional food with your community.

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The financial requirements to invest in a Pollo Campero franchise is a minimum net worth of $1,287,250 – $2,491,500 and a liquid cash requirement of $750,000. We want to ensure that you have the capital necessary to not only open a new restaurant but also to help you as your business grows. Our experience in franchising is deep – and we know that being well-capitalized helps in getting your business on the right track.

That being said, Pollo Campero is also designed to be affordable to entrepreneurs, and there are many ways to finance your business.

Click here to get a deeper understanding of the costs & fees associated with opening a new Pollo Campero franchise.

We want franchise owners who share our values

It’s important when researching franchise opportunities to choose a brand that shares what you believe, knows what’s important to you, and is committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

Pollo Campero has a strong culture of family values, and we look for franchise owners who share those values. We are passionate believers that our franchise owners should be committed to their community, to serving others, and giving back. Our restaurants are beloved by millions, and they come to us because we go above and beyond to take care of them, treat them well, and serve them incredible food that they cannot get anywhere else.

Our franchise owners play a key role in creating an environment where people are free to enjoy themselves, create memories, and want to come back. They do this by being exceptional leaders for their teams, by creating their own culture in their restaurants, and by always treating the customers with kindness and respect.

This commitment to franchising with entrepreneurs who share our values is why our existing franchise network is so strong, and it’s going to continue to drive our franchise development as we grow across the nation.

“Our goal is to have 150+ locations over the next three years,” says Luis Javier Rodas, Managing Director and COO of Pollo Campero. “We’re not in a rush – we’re going to grow smart, keeping true to our vision and our strategy and by franchising with the right entrepreneurs. In time, there will be 1,000 Pollo Campero locations across the United States.”


Take the first step by filling out an inquiry form on this site and a member of our team will reach out to you to begin a conversation. We can’t wait to see if your dreams can be realized by owning a Pollo Campero franchise!

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