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We believe life could use a little more flavor

In 1971 in Guatemala, we started Pollo Campero, a unique food experience that’s full of life and seasoned with a little zest.  But it’s not just any food. We’re talking about marinated to the bone, slow-down-and-enjoy-every-bite, food. Flavor that’s more than skin deep—that’s bold, complex and a little unexpected. Flavor that is not only in our food but baked into our DNA and expressed with our passion.

As Real as Our Plates

We believe some things should never change. Our fried chicken is specially hand-breaded. Our signature drinks and sides are prepared fresh daily. Our garden-fresh salads are made in house, every single day. And yes, it’s a lot of hard work. But for us, that’s important. Those extra steps ensure that every bite is as wholesome and as flavorful as the last. And that’s something we believe should never change.

Flavor Worth Sharing

To us, Campero means flavor. A deep, rich and unique taste that can only be obtained by uniting the freshest ingredients with the best, complementary spices. It’s about combining generations of family recipes into the perfect, savory bite. And it’s about the people. The hardworking Campero family that brings the food to life. Food that is lovingly made from scratch, with a signature flavor that brings everyone together.

Family Matters

Since our humble beginnings as a family-owned restaurant, we have strived to keep a family-centric mindset throughout our journey. We truly believe that family values are essential to our growth and success. We also understand our family extends beyond our doors and into our communities. We are in this together. And together we have held local events, raised money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and made the community a little more flavorful.

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