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What’s Special About Our Culture?

Pollo Campero is a family-owned business committed to inclusivity, respect, joy and success

Pollo Campero was founded in 1971 in Guatemala as a family-owned business, with recipes that were handed down through generations – and today, we’re still a family-owned business, only now our family has gotten a lot larger.

This sense of family is the guiding principle of our brand.  It’s evident in our corporate office, where our support center works day-in and day-out to support our franchisees, and it’s evident in our restaurants, where our teams are trained to focus on giving our customers exceptional experiences every time they visit our restaurants.

“I love this company, and everyone in this company is so passionate about Pollo Campero,” says Andrea de Valle, Director of Human Resources. “It’s a family-oriented company with very strong values. We do everything right, with the best quality we can, and we have developed some of the best practices in the world. The most important thing is the culture. Our people are happy, passionate, and full of flavor. Our blood is orange for Pollo Campero, as it’s in everything we do.”

We Always Remember That We Are Here to Serve

When you walk into the Pollo Campero corporate office in Dallas, Texas, you’ll see the word R.E.I.R. in big, bold letters – this is the Spanish word for joy or smiling, and it stands for Respect. Excellence. Integrity. Responsibility. This is what we stand for and it is pervasive throughout our entire organization.

It is present in the way we serve our customers. Our employees are cross-trained, not only to maximize productivity but also to be free to attend to our guests. Unlike other brands in the chicken QSR segment, who serve their customers food over the counter, make them bus their own tables, get their own drinks and refills, Pollo Campero wants our customers to relax and enjoy their time in our restaurants.

pollo campero franchise culture

We take the time to deliver our customers’ food to their tables, we always ask them if we can get them a drink and check-in to see if they’re enjoying their meals. We also serve our food on plates and use real silverware, to provide a higher-end experience that fosters a feeling of home.

This level of service extends to our franchisees as well. Since we entered the United States in 2002, Pollo Campero has worked to build the support infrastructure that franchise owners need to thrive. We have teams dedicated to real estate, site selection, marketing, training and ongoing support, and now that we’re welcoming a new group of franchise owners to our family, we’re working on building relationships that are based on friendship and trust. This means we’re committed to listening to our franchisees, and making sure that their voices aren’t just heard, but that they matter.

“We make our franchisees feel like they’re a part of our family,” says Fernando Perez, Senior Director of Operations with Pollo Campero. “They know that if they succeed, we succeed. We listen to their recommendations and value their input. This is a relationship that is based on friendship and love. They’re a key part of our family.”

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